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calico_cats's Journal

calico cats and the people that love them!
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Welcome to calico_cats!

Are you the proud owner of a calico or tortie cat? Are you considering adopting or getting a calico or tortie? Have you owned a calico or tortie? Do you think calicos and torties are beautiful and just want to talk about them? If so, then this is the place for you!

Calico cats can have long, medium, or short hair, but the patterns—while all vastly different—have the same colors: orange, black, white, and red. Some of them have stripes, some of them have patches, some of them have streaks! Calicos can even have grey fur with light orange and white splashes, those are dilute calicos!

See this for further description!

If your cat resembles any of the above mentioned, please join!


No flaming. This will result in an immediate ban. No warnings.

No trolling. This will result in an immediate ban. No warnings.

Other than that? All is allowed! Please post pictures of your furbabies, post about questions about food, general health--it's all allowed! If you have any questions, please feel free to e-mail or contact me via personal journal!


tabbies - you guessed it! It's all about tabby cats!

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